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Anhydroform freeze drying process example

Advanced Biological Material Preservation Technology

The use of Anhydroform formulations drastically improves the stability, longevity, and viability of biological materials undergoing a preservation process.

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Anhydroform formulations

Anhydroform formulations drastically improve the stability, longevity, and viability of biological materials undergoing a preservation process. The long-term stabilization and storage of biological materials is an important consideration throughout a variety of markets and products. From vaccines to probiotics to food and plasma, biological materials degrade over time and need to survive under the harsh conditions that are experienced during wide deployment and adoption. Anhydroform formulations apply to a wide range of markets and products where the long-term stabilization of biological materials is of the utmost importance.

This technology is built on research conducted at the University of Chicago.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by National Cancer Institute

Our Advantages

  • Anhydroform formulations result in preserved biological materials that have increased stability, superior longevity, and greater viability when compared to other formulations.

  • Anhydroform formulations are implementable into existing processes without the need for additional equipment or hardware.

  • Anhydroform formulations are appropriate for food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade applications.



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Anhydroform formulations result in significantly improved viability, stability, and longevity compared to other preservation technologies on the market.

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